• 100: I am totally not lazy.
  • 200: How hard can it be? Its not THAT far. (Screw the last 50m)
  • 400: I have a love/hate relationship with this distance.
  • 800: Does anyone know what pace to run this?
  • 1500/1600: Such a chill distance... NOT
  • 3000/3200: are there any non cross country runners who run this?
  • 100m hurdles: stationary objects are there thing.
  • 300/400m hurdles: so which sane person runs this?
  • Steeple: Freaking dolphins in their past life.
  • Long Jump: least popular field event of all time *sarcastic laugh*
  • Triple Jump: my knees never hurt...
  • High Jump: wait, you jump your body hight? *_*
  • Pole Vault: How long does it take to learn? Yeah no. But it looks cool.
  • Discus: Frisbee for cool people.
  • Javelin: We can survive in the wildernis!
  • Shot: Two words - Steel Balls!!!
  • Hammer: im a little dissapointed its not a real hammer